Home Of Your Dreams

Home Of Your Dreams?

Tired of renting and looking to buy and home? Relocating from out of town? Want to invest in Hawaii? Your Trusted Home Team can help. Use this FREE tool and let our experienced professionals help you find the house of your dreams!Experienced buyers know securing a home loan before home shopping makes for a faster and smoother transaction. At Trusted Home Loans we qualify you ahead of time so you may house shop in confidence. We offer all kinds of loan types so you have the information you need to make an informed decision.

Recent Question:

“I want to begin shopping for my first house, but I don’t want to fall in love if I can’t get a loan. How do I find out what I am qualified to buy?” We are here to review your financials, talk about your dream home check list and determine what you are qualified to buy. We provide a basic qualification within 15 minutes, and if you’d like to proceed we provide a list of items to gather to provide an official home loan pre-qualification. You don’t go to Costco without knowing how much money you have to spend, and you shouldn’t go house shopping without the same information!

“We want our first house to be our forever home. How do we get the dream right out of the gate?” Your ultimate estate may be a few steps away, meaning your first house may need to be a planned stepping stone toward your forever home. Lenders prefer borrowers with experience before lending jumbo money. It may be best to purchase a middle priced house first, then, plan your upgrade a few years later. Either sell your middle priced house using proceeds toward your big purchase, or keep it as a rental for long term cash flow.

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choose between dream home or stepping stone home

choose between dream home or stepping stone home